Bronze 8" Amitabha Rupa

Amitabha is the Buddha of Infinite Light and represents the Dharma transforming delusion of attachment into discriminating wisdom.

Amitabha sits in the lotus posture with his hands in the mudra of meditative contemplation; holding a begging bowl. He is thus associated with all the attributes of the lotus: gentleness, openness, and purity. 

Amitabha's hands are in the Dhyana mudra, the mudra of meditation. In conformity with his hand mudra, the essential message of Amitabha is that of meditation. His association with the setting sun suggests the withdrawal of our external sense perceptions inwards, into higher states of meditative concentration and discerning awareness that we are all made up of the same primitive substratum.

So contemplating, we are able to realize that the object we crave for is not separate from us, and already as much a part of ourselves as we are of it. 

Rupa is the Tibetan honorary term for a Buddhist Statue, all the Rupas that we offer are made by traditional artists in the Himalayas. The artists we work with are part of a lineage of preeminent artists that have been making Tibetan Rupas in the Himalayas for over One Thousand Years.

Authentic Amitabha Rupa, exact details based on sacred iconography described in the Tibetan Buddhist Texts.

Bronze 12”
Shakyamuni Buddha Rupa

$ 250.00

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