Bronze 8" Amitayus Rupa

Amitayus, meaning 'Infinite Life’, is the Buddha of boundless life and wisdom. He sits in vajra-posture, with his hands resting upon his lap in the dhyana-mudra of meditation. Amitayus is closely connected with Amitabha, the Buddha of infinite Light.

Upon his open palms rests his a golden long-life vase that is filled with the nectar of immortal wisdom, which is sealed at its top with a small wish-granting tree. Amitayus is adorned with the five divine silk garments and eight ornaments, and he sits upon a moon disc and lotus.

Rupa is the Tibetan honorary term for a Buddhist Statue, all the Rupas that we offer are made by traditional artists in the Himalayas. The artists we work with are part of a lineage of preeminent artists that have been making Tibetan Rupas in the Himalayas for over One Thousand Years.

Authentic Amitayus Rupa, exact details based on sacred iconography described in the Tibetan Buddhist Texts.

Bronze 8”
Amitayus Rupa

$ 250.00

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