Bronze 8" Manjushri Rupa

Manjushri is the bodhisattva of wisdom who embodies the discriminating awareness of all the Buddhas. He sits in vajra-posture upon a lotus. Adorned in the five silk and eight ornaments of a bodhisattva. With his raised right hand he wields a flaming sword of wisdom, and with his left hand he holds the stem of a lotus that bears the classic text on the ‘perfection of wisdom’ (Prajnaparamita-sutra).

Manjushri's most dynamic attribute is his sword, the Vajra sword of discriminating wisdom and insight that cuts through self-created obstacles. The sword cuts through ignorance and the entanglements of conceptual views. Flames on the sword represent light or transformation. It can cut things in two, but it can also cut into one, by cutting the illusion of self-other dichotomy. 

Rupa is the Tibetan honorary term for a Buddhist Statue, all the Rupas that we offer are made by traditional artists in the Himalayas. The artists we work with are part of a lineage of preeminent artists that have been making Tibetan Rupas in the Himalayas for over One Thousand Years.

Authentic Manjushri Rupa, exact details based on sacred iconography described in the Tibetan Buddhist Texts.

Bronze 8”
Manjushri Rupa
$ 375.00

$ 292.35

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