Bronze 8" Medicine Buddha Rupa

Medicine Buddha is also known as "Bhaisajyaguru" and "Healing Buddha."

The enlightened qualities of this Buddha awaken the innate healing wisdom that lies within every individual.

His left hand is in meditation mudra, resting in his lap and holding a begging bowl filled with medicinal nectar and fruit. His right hand rests upon his knee with palm facing outward in the mudra of granting blessings and holds a stem of the myrobalan plant, famous in Tibetan Medicine.

Rupa is the Tibetan honorary term for a Buddhist Statue, all the Rupas that we offer are made by traditional artists in the Himalayas. The artists we work with are part of a lineage of preeminent artists that have been making Tibetan Rupas in the Himalayas for over One Thousand Years.

Authentic Medicine Buddha Rupa, exact details based on sacred iconography described in the Tibetan Buddhist Texts.

Bronze 8"
Medicine Buddha Rupa

$ 250.00

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