Small Prayer Flags

Found through all the Himalayas and now the whole World, Tibetan Prayer Flags are the Peace Symbol of this new millennium. They are traditionally displayed to promote peace, compassion and wisdom.

The Buddhist texts tells us the energy of the sacred prayers and healing mantras on the flags are blown in the wind and will bring Joy, Happiness and Blessings to all who see them as well as their families, loved ones, neighbors, and all people throughout the world.

Many People have noticed how the Prayer Flags seem to quickly uplift the environment they are in and bring joy to those that see them. They really have a very beautiful noticeable effect on ones surroundings.

Buddhist prayers, mantras and symbols are wood block printed in Tibetan script on high quality cotton fabric.  Each flag is 6”x 7” and sewn onto nylon rope. 

Using woodblocks carved in mountain village in Yolmo, the prayer flags are printed in the traditional way. These are probably some of best woodblock printed prayer flags available.


A different prayer is printed on each of the 5 colors of cloth and sewn onto ropes in horizontal display: 

Blue Panel - Health and Longevity - Amitayus 

White Panel - Purification of Karma - Vajrasattva 

Red Panel - Wish Fulfilling Prayer - Padmasambavha 

Green Panel - Compassion Prayer - Tara 

Yellow Panel - Victory over Obstacles - Wind Horse


These Prayer Flags are wood block printed on cotton and come in sets of 5 flags or 10 flags on a rope. Each flag panel is approximately 6" x 7" so a set of 5 flags is about 2.5 ft. long, the set of 10 flags is 5 ft. long.

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