The Thangka is a traditional Tibetan form of Buddhist art originating in Nepal and India whose subject or subjects include Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Mandalas.

Thangkas are vibrant scroll paintings framed in a rich colorful silk brocade and have a thin silk veil covering the front surface. They are distinctively Tibetan and have a unique art style of their own. Tibetans have always considered the Thangka a treasure of tremendous value.

Thangkas cover a wide range of subject matters. Some illustrate the Tibetan calendar, astronomy, and Tibetan traditional medicine and pharmacology. Biographical thangkas describe the major events in the life of religious figures and historical personages.

In times past, the aristocracy kept a number of thangkas as precious heirlooms. Thangkas are considered works of stateliness and, therefore, are found in the halls and living quarters of all Tibetan Buddhist temples and monasteries as well as homes of those aspiring towards enlightenment.

Traditional Thangka painting is a highly skilled art that has been practiced in the Himalayas for over 2500 years. The Authentic Thangkas we offer are painted by meticulously trained artist in the Himalayas that are part of a lineage of Thangka painters that dates back to the time of the historical Buddha.

Based on the exact descriptions in the Buddhist texts each authentic Thangka we offer is a one of a kind piece of art to be treasured for a life time. These amazing works of art will bring color and light your home and joy and inspiration to any one that sees them.