Tibetan Rugs

All of our Tibetan rugs are traditionally hand knotted by highly skilled Tibetan carpet weavers on traditional vertical looms. These skills have been handed down for generations and the process of making the rugs is done entirely by hand.

Dense plush wool is sheared from Tibetan sheep grazing in high altitudes on the Tibetan plateau. The raw wool is hand spun into a fine, high quality yarn. Rug designs are drawn by Tibetan graphic artists, weavers create the rug.

Tibetan sheep are reared on the vast pastoral lands of the Tibetan plateau by Nomads at altitudes reaching 17,000 feet above sea level. The high lanolin content of Tibetan wool provides a smooth, silky sheen while keeping the wool soft and supple. It acts as a natural anti-staining agent and the long fibers allow the dyes to permeate deeply thus preventing the rug from fading. 

The wool is characteristically hard-wearing, strong and vibrant making it the finest natural fibre in the world for rug weaving. Rugs made from Tibetan sheep wool mature beautifully over time and last for generations. Only the highest quality environmentally friendly dyes are used. The dyes are resistant to fading and the rugs can be steam cleaned or washed with water based solutions.

It can take a skilled carpet weaver on average of one month to weave one square meter of a 100 knots rug. This means that there are 100 knots per square inch of rug in a 100 knots carpet, and can take between 2- 4 months to weave a full rug depending upon its size.

Our rugs are made by a Tibetan community living in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. The entire proceeds from our purchase of the carpets go directly to the social welfare activities of the Tibetan community. Theses proceeds provide many families with employment, health care, schools, and housing.

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