Antique Singing Bowl 6"

We offer a very rare and exclusive collection of Antique Tibetan Singing Bowls. These collector grade antique bowls were hand-forged using ancient techniques and special combinations of metals that produce exceptional and beautiful sound resonances.

Each bowl has unique distinctive age and design markings around and inside the bowl that are prized by collectors world wide. Due to growing interest and limited supply, antique singing bowls are becoming more rare and rise in value every year. 

These extraordinary antique singing bowls bring a depth of sound, timeless warmth, and connection to metallurgy techniques developed by highly skilled metal workers in the Himalayas long ago.

Includes hardwood felt wrapped striking/singing tool and beautifully embroidered high resonance bowl pad.

Authentic Antique Tibetan Singing Bowl.

Series: Antique Collector Grade

Size: 6” x 2.5” 

Weight: 415g

All Singing Bowls we offer are one of a kind, the bowl shown here is the exact bowl you will receive.


First Harmonic: A3

Frequency: 219Hz

Antique 6"
Tibetan Singing Bowl 

$ 395.00

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