Celestial Singing Bowl 4.5"

Designed for personal and professional sound vibrational healing, our Celestial Singing Bowls are lighter and easier to hold in one's hand, allowing one to keep the bowl singing while moving around your own or another's physical body and bio-field.

Made from a unique combination of metal alloys, these special bowls produce complex harmonic overtones that bring balance and new levels of awareness to the practitioner and their clients.

Sound tested for optimal oscillating frequencies and amplitude. Includes hardwood felt wrapped striking/singing tool and beautifully embroidered high resonance bowl pad.

Our Celestial Singing Bowls are skillfully hand-forged by the finest craftsman in the Himalayas using unsurpassed traditional techniques of metallurgy. 

Authentic Tibetan Singing Bowl.

Collection: Celestial

Size: 4.5” x 2.5” 

Weight: 371g

All Singing Bowls we offer are one of a kind, the bowl shown here is the exact bowl you will receive.

First Harmonic: B4

Frequency: 474Hz

Celestial 4.5"
Tibetan Singing Bowl

$ 195.00

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