Golden Bodhi Singing Bowl 6"

Hand forged in deep golden bronze, with Amitabha Buddha etched in the center. Traditional detailing of sacred art with Tibetan mantras of compassion etched inside and around the bowl.

Amitabha is the Buddha of Infinite Light and represents the Dharma transforming delusion of attachment into discriminating wisdom.

This sound healer grade premier series singing bowl has extra thick walls and produces long soothing harmonic overtones. The artistic beauty and extraordinary sound of these special Tibetan singing bowls enhance the listener and bring harmony to any environment they are placed in.

Sound tested for optimal oscillating frequencies and amplitude. Includes felt mallet and hardwood felt wrapped striking/singing tool along with a beautifully embroidered high resonance bowl pad.

Our Golden Bodhi Singing Bowls are skillfully hand-forged by the finest craftsman in the Himalayas using unsurpassed traditional techniques of metallurgy. 

Authentic Tibetan Singing Bowl.

Collection: Golden Bodhi

Size: 6” x 3” 

Weight: 589g

All Singing Bowls we offer are one of a kind, the bowl shown here is the exact bowl you will receive.


First Harmonic: c4

Frequency: 265Hz

Golden Bodhi 6"
Tibetan Singing Bowl

$ 195.00

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