Lama Chodpa Tibetan Incense

Lama Chodpa Tibetan incense are made from pure natural organic ingredients, free of chemicals, pesticides, or additives. Grown, blessed and traditionally hand made at Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in the Himalayas. They are made to the exact specifications of a recipe from an ancient Tibetan monastic manuscript. The life process of nature is constantly kept in the highest regard in all decisions from sustainable harvesting through the final stages of production.

Tibetan Buddhist tradition is strictly adhered to during the creation process, from using the purest possible ingredients (the mandated proportions of medicinal herbs) to the artesian process where the carefully dried ingredients are individually ground (using a mortar and pestle), blended by hand, and dried by the sun. The sticks are hand packed in protective tubing and hand-made paper; wax sealed using an auspicious seal of Tashi Jong (auspicious happy valley).


100% Natural - made without preservatives or perfumes, only pure organic herbs. These are truly some of the finest Tibetan incense available. Handmade in the Himalayas.

Each pack has 15 incense that are 5” long, available in choice of three types: Mediation, Relaxation, and Essence of Lotus Flower.

$ 5.75

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