Medicine Buddha Thangka

Medicine Buddha is also known as "Healing Buddha.” The enlightened qualities of Medicine Buddha awaken the innate healing wisdom that lies within every human being.

Medicine Buddha is a beautiful lapis blue in color and from his body radiates blue light that brings good health and happiness to all beings. His right hand, is in the mudra of granting sublime realizations, rests on his right knee and holds the stem of the healing arura plant between thumb and first finger. His left hand is in the mudra of concentration and holds a lapis lazuli bowl filled with healing nectar.

He is seated in the full vajra position and is wearing the three gold and red colored robes of a monk. He has all the signs and qualities of a enlightened buddha.

Traditional Thangka painting is a highly skilled art that has been practiced in the Himalayas for over 2500 years. The Authentic Thangkas we offer are painted by meticulously trained artist in the Himalayas that are part of a lineage of Thangka painters that dates back to the time of the historical Buddha.

Based on the exact descriptions in the Buddhist texts. These amazing works of art will bring color and light your home and joy and inspiration to any one that sees them.

Medicine Buddha Thangka with brocade 45" x 31"

$ 495.00

$ 292.35

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